31% of Europeans think buying counterfeit products is acceptable

The trend is especially clear among 15 to 24-year-olds, with more than one in four young Europeans saying they bought a counterfeit product in the past two months.“A third of Europeans believe it is acceptable to buy counterfeit products when the price of the genuine product is too high,” EUIPO said in a press release.คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

However, the public is well aware of the risks associated with the distribution of counterfeit products and services, the study showed. Eight out of ten Europeans agree that counterfeiting supports organised crime and harms businesses, and two thirds believe that counterfeit products can be dangerous to people’s health.Bu…

China tech giant Alibaba dismisses livestreaming head, citing nepotism, gifts – document

The undated document, produced by Alibaba’s human resources department and published on June 29 on the company’s internal intranet for staff, says Zhao was fired after he used his position to help third-party livestreamers score favourable positioning on Taobao Live, Alibaba’s main platform for live-streamed e-commerce.The document also says Zhao helped his girlfriend secure a high-paying job with a livestreaming company, and accepted gifts from business partnersคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. The document did not link the gifts to the favourable positioning, say how the allegations were discovered or investigated, or when Zhao was fired.คำพูดจาก

Fashion is top UK industry when it comes to embracing AI fastest – report

Some 4.44% of the 9,949 vacancies in the fashion industry require job applicants to have an AI related skill which is a stark contrast to the retail/e-commerce sector where only 0.09% of the 91,313 vacancies require AI. Digital PR agency Tank analysed 18 key industries to uncover the top five that are embracing the technology fastest, ranking them based on the proportion of vacancies that involve working with AI. Top was Fashion followed by Electronics, Warehousing & Distribution, Food & Beverage and Automative.

The report described the fashion industry as “a fast-paced and competitive environment, where AI can help to improve efficiency, identify trends and align supply with demand to reduce waste”.On the flipside, sitting at the bottom of the bottom five, only 0.09% out of …

France more than doubles crisis package cost to 100 billion euros

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told Les Echos newspaper that the government now expected its crisis package to cost 100 billion euros ($108.6 billion) – over 4% of GDP and up from expectations of 45 billion euros less than a month ago.”These numbers could yet change as the economic situation and companies’ need of support is changing fast. We’re going all out to save our companies,” Le Maire said.

The overall bill is likely to rise even more as the government has yet to put a cost on bailouts for big companies like Air France KLM that Le Maire says is in the works.The immediate cost of the economic fallout from the outbreak has spiralled since President Emmanuel Macron pledged to save lives, jobs and companies “no matter what its costs”.The government will present its second upda…

H&M taking steps to improve working conditions of workers

“The work is at the top of our agenda and we stay true to our collaborative approach and methodical way of working, making it possible to take important steps forward,” H&M said.The group facilitates dialogue between the employers and the employees at the factories and in the labour market in the countries where its products are made. This is fundamental to be able to improve working conditions, including wages, it said and added 290 factories are enrolled in the workplace dialogue and industrial relations programmes while more than 370,000 factory workers are directly covered by democratically elected worker representation through its programmes run in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia and India.

“In 2018, the goal is to have democratically elected worker representativ…