Shopping for the Holidays Is Expensive—Who Said That- Porsha Williams Shares Her Affordable Style Guide

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The holiday season is in full swing, and yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be so expensive. Shopping for gifts, hosting holiday parties, and getting outfits for special events can all add up. If you want to save some money without skimping on style, Porsha Williams Guobadia is here. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum shared her fashion must-haves for the holiday season and some helpful shopping tips.

The self-proclaimed Amazon queen advises, "You don't need to buy five whole outfits. Just get one great piece to create five new looks with clothes you already have." If you don't want to overhaul your whole wardrobe to be festive, Porsha suggests adding a "pop of color" and loves these green velvet heels.

She also recommends reading the reviews to make informed shopping decisions, explaining, "I want a lot of good reviews and I want details. I want to know if jewelry tarnishes quickly. I want to know if I can swim with jewelry and not have it fade." And if you don't have the time to comb through reviews, let Porsha help you out. She insists, "I will do all the hard work and let you know what I experience so you don't waste your money."

In an exclusive E! interview, Porsha shared her shopping wisdom along with holiday style essentials ranging from cozy slippers to wear at home to dressed up showstoppers and snowflake hair clips. And for more Porsha shopping insights, check out her recent Amazon Live broadcast.

Choose Comfort

Remelon Velvet 2 Piece Outfit

"Here's the thing, I want to be fabulous, but I also want to be comfortable at the same time. The green velvet set looks so good on my sister. It's a showstopper with that long duster. Wear it with the gold, strappy heels."

Porsha's pick comes in 9 colors with sizes ranging from small to 3X.


Shoe Land Womens SL-Finely Lace Up Heeled Sandals

Porsha recommends these heels to wear with the velvet 2-piece set. Porsha adores the gold and there are 9 additional colorways to choose from.


Herseas Women's 3 Piece Outfit

"This set is a little more sporty. It has an open hoodie with the bra underneath and the matching joggers. My sister wore it with the iridescent heels. I would have never thought to put that together. I would have thought tennis shoes. My sister created an instant party look. I was like, 'OK, this is a vibe.'"

This set comes in 11 colorways.


Richealnini Sparkly Clear Lace Up Ankle Strap High Heel Sandals

These are the heels that Porsha's sister Lauren paired with the 3-piece set. There are 10 colorways to choose from.


Add a Pop of Color

Stylewe Velvet Heels

"Normally, I don't venture out too far when it comes to my shoes. I am the one who wears a clear heel everywhere, but during the holiday time I can kind of give a nice pop of color. These green velvet heels add some spice to an all-black outfit. It's just nice."

These heels come in 8 colors.


Embrace Luxe Fabrics and Textures

Risissida Faux Leather Blazer

"A special blazer is great. For instance, I think this faux leather blazer is essential to your wardrobe. You're gonna wear it with everything."

Porsha's stylish suggestion is available in 10 colorways with sizes ranging from small to 3 X.


The Drop Freddie Sequin Bralette

"This cropped top with sequins is something you can dress up or dress it down."

You can also get this top in silver. It's available in sizes ranging from XXS to 5X.


The Drop Bianca Sequin Midi Skirt

"There's also a really cute sequined midi-skirt that is great to switch things up."

This is a #1 new Amazon release. It's also available in silver with sizes ranging from XXS to 5X.


Cnkwei Fuzzy Crop Top Mini Skirt Set

"I love this super soft cream set with some bad boots."

This affordable set comes in 8 colorways. 


Make Sure You're Warm

Sdbing Slipper Socks With Grippers

"I have these really easy Christmas slippers. They're so cute and cozy like your feet will be in heaven. I like the design with the snowflakes too. Super cozy."

You can get these slipper socks in 34 colorways. This top-selling style has 2,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.


Lionpark Christmas Elk Xmas Slippers

"This time of the year is my favorite because I feel like a bear. You can never be too warm in your house."


Accessorize Your Look

Vuleto Teardrop Necklace and Earrings Set

"The teardrop earrings are my hands down go-to. Listen, I just went out of town and wore them with every single outfit. They gave a nice, fancy look to everything."

Porsha's pick comes in a set with a matching necklace. The sets are available in gold and silver.


Hzeyn Christmas Snowflake Hair Clips

"Aren't these hair clips so cute? Let me tell you I cannot wait to have my hair parted on the side with a wave,  a little beach wave. Then, I'm going to pin those snowflakes on the side and they're going to be super cute. What I like about the clips is they aren't glitter. They have little stones in them and look so nice. You're going to love them in person."


Norvit Baroque Pearl Drop 14K Gold Statement Dangle Earrings

"You'll love these pearl earrings. These pearls have gold accents all around them. They're classic, yet interesting."


Sluynz Sterling Silver Snowflake Hoop Earrings

"These are festive, but they are not too much for people who don't like to go all out with a theme. They're so pretty."

Porsha's pick is available in gold and silver.


If You Like an Outfit, Get It Another Color Too

Xuba Chunky Cardigan

"Let me tell you something, if you find something you love, get it in every color. Make your life easier."

Porsha's pick comes in 26 colors with sizes ranging from small to 2X.


The Drop Miya Bell Sleeve Sweater Shrug, Bralette & Sweater Bike Short

"If it feels good and looks good, get another one. I'm all for buying something in every color if you love it."

The shrug, bralette, and shorts are available in black, beige, and pink with sizes ranging from XXS to 5X.

$45Shrug$26Bralette$40Biker ShortsreadReal Housewives of Atlanta Alum Porsha Williams Shares Affordable Spring Clothes Under $45

Axosy 2 Piece Outfit

"This two-piece look in burgundy would look so good on my mom. It comes in lots of colors. You could live in that set, keep buying it in another color. "

This outfit comes in 6 colors with sizes ranging from small to 3X.


Wear White After Labor Day

The Drop Gage Vegan Leather Twist Front Halter Top and The Drop Theor Vegan Leather Trouser

"I think you need to wear what you like, not just what's on trend for a moment or the season. I think it's absolutely perfect to wear white in winter. Why not? I love a super classy, white outfit. You can add in a pop of color."

The faux leather top and trousers also come in black, brown, and olive green.


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