Devin Booker Responds to Rumor He Wears a Hairpiece

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker's Super Bowl Reunion?

Devin Booker is calling foul on this rumor. 

The Phoenix Suns player found himself at the center of chatter when users online began speculating he was the subject of an anonymous hairpiece application video, which was captioned, "Video of alleged NBA superstar getting a haircut is going viral."

To set the record straight, Devin quote-tweeted the original video April 8, adding, "Yall got me messed up lol."

And his fans were quick to have Devin's back—and admire the way he made light of the situation. 

"My glorious king, we all know that's not you," one user tweeted, while another added, "This is the funniest thing you've ever…